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★Each ice bucket is custom made with the color you want and sealed (food safe!) to insure it will not leak. The disco balls are made from styrofoam so they are naturally insulated. You can also use them as punch bowls. :)

★ Please note that because of the way the mirrors are put on disco balls, the rims are slightly uneven and there is a little lip in the mirrors. Most people barely notice!Please choose a color for the inside of the ball and include it in the desginated field.

12" ice bucket

  • ★ Gently hand-wash inside of bowl with soap and water. Mirrors can be cleaned with a gentle hand-wash or with window cleaner. I recommend using an old t-shirt on mirrors to avoid fuzz sticking to them. Avoid getting the base wet. Even if it is sealed, it is made from cardboard. 

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