*purple glitter photo is the color or the cocktail bowl for sale*


she's like a whittle punch bowl *swoon* all you need to do is make a triple batch of your fav cocktail, slap in some straws (or a straw, no judgments here), and have a ball!


sealed and food safe


All sales are final.

Products Condition: Please note that unless stated, each product is made from imported, mass produced disco ballz. the quality of the ballz is not perfect, which is one reason i am no longer going to use them. they might have crooked rows, gaps in mirrors, chipped mirrors, or even loose mirrors. all sales are final, so please contact me if you would like any additional details of an item before purchasing.

8" shared cocktail bowl

  • ★ Gently hand-wash inside of bowl with soap and water. Mirrors can be cleaned with a gentle hand-wash or with window cleaner. I recommend using an old t-shirt on mirrors to avoid fuzz sticking to them. Avoid getting the base wet. Even if it is sealed, it is made from cardboard.